November 02, 2020 3 min read

As times change and we move ahead, our daily use products must evolve too. 2020 is all about making smart and practical choices. As we talk about furniture, are the non-folding chairs a smart, practical choice? Surely not. So why spend a huge amount on them when you can benefit from the stylish yet composed folding chairs?

Yes, you have guessed it right. We are talking about why you should invest in multi-function chairs instead of those chairs that hardly serves the purpose.

Talking about the chairs primarily, you can see them everywhere—outdoor, indoors, at homes or parties, or restaurants as a commercial. But let's talk about the outdoor need for the chairs. Do you carry the heavy chairs every time you want to enjoy the weather in the evening in your backyard, as you can't leave them outside because what if it rains? Multi-function chairs come handy here. They are foldable, which means easy to carry and convenient. Moreover, they are made to bear all the circumstances.


folding chair


Black mesh folding chair from Starry night is stain, scratch, and water-resistant and UV protected, which means these chairs can withstand any outdoor weather like rain, scorching heat, humidity you name it. Furthermore, they have wide seats and backrest, unlike other uncomfortable folding chairs. And guess what? They have a metal frame that gives it a stylish look. This chair is generally employed to cater to the indoor and outdoor seating both.

1. Multifunction Chairs are Portable

Another key characteristic of folding chairs is that they are portable and are feasible for transportability compared to normal chairs. Are you planning to go to the beach or for a picnic? They play their best part. Starry Night’s multipurpose folding chair is designed specifically for the exact needs. It folds flat, that means can perfectly fit in your vehicle to carry anywhere. Also, it only weighs 200 pounds; this lightweight design ensures convenient movability from the interior to exterior venues. You can get you on this single chair as well as a pair of 2, and you can benefit from saving your money.

folding chair


2. Multifunction Chairs Offer versatility

Countless benefits of multipurpose chairs also include versatility. They can be used for several purposes, unlike normal chairs. Just like a chair from your bedroom doesn't seem appropriate to be used at parties. Because they aren't made for the sole purpose of multi-seating, but these benefits can be gained if you buy multipurpose chairs.

folding chair

3. You Can Easily Store Multifunction Chairs

Multipurpose folding chair steel frame at Starry Night offers a great range to be used everywhere. For the bedroom, indoor functions, schools, or as a computer desk. Also if you plan to buy extra chairs for occasions like on holiday gathering, then this is what you need. The flat fold makes it feasible to store when not in need. The compact storage feature and the cut-out handle of the chair allows it either to be hanged or stacked in your storeroom.


There is not one reason why you should buy multipurpose chairs, but countless. We at Starry Night ensure that with our chairs, you can have the best experience as they provide comfort, transportability, and ease of storing. Isn’t that too much of great features?

So what are you waiting for? Order these chairs as a pack of 1 or 2 at great prices!

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